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How Do You Navigate Modern Dating And Relationships?

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It was September 20th, 2013, and I hear the four words from my ex-wife "I want a divorce" and that's how my journey began. It was the end of a marriage, but the birth of a new man.  Rebuilding yourself is the only way to getting what you want in life, not just in relationships but in every aspect of it.

Growing up we were never taught the tools or handed the keys to a great relationship. We mindlessly did what we could with what we had. For the last 8 years it has been my goal to get to the root of it all and bring the world information that could either help save their marriage or get them into a steady long term relationship as well as provide the tools necessary to sustain and maintain one.

Since then we built courses and coaching programs to help people navigate breakups, dating and relationships, as well as keep up with their health and maintain their lives to the best of their abilities.


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